Long Range

High Resolutions

Low Power

Cost Effective

VM4302 is a high-performance, short-range lidar product developed by VisionICs. It is designed based on the principle of TOF Time of Flight. Through precise measurement of the time difference during the laser pulse reflection process, the distance information to the measured object is obtained.

VM4302 can achieve reliable measurement in the range of 0.05-10 meters. Thanks to the built-in SPAD detection chip, VM4302 has a high detection accuracy. Even with black low-reflective objects at 10m, the measurement error can be controlled within ± 2cm.

VM4302 offers FOV field of view as small as 5 milliradians. By configuring internal registers, VM4302 also provides a sampling rate of 1-5K, which is suitable for different application scenarios.

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