VisionICs will bring products to CES - VisionICs
VisionICs will bring products to CES - VisionICs

VisionICs will bring products to CES


    From January 7 to 10, 2020, CES2020 will officially open in Las Vegas, USA.

    The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) aims to promote the close combination of advanced electronic technology and modern life. CES is the largest and most influential annual consumer electronics technology exhibition in the world, and also the largest consumer technology industry event in the world. Over the years, CES exhibitions have gathered the most outstanding traditional consumer electronics manufacturers and it core manufacturers. They have brought the most advanced technology concepts and products, attracting a large number of high-tech equipment lovers, users and industry visitors. So far, 51 sessions have been successfully held.

    VisionICs as the world's leading single photon detection laser ranging TOF chip company, was invited to participate in the CES, which will show the company's products and comprehensive solutions. VisionICs has the world's leading optoelectronic converter design and single photon detection and imaging technology, the main business of TOF three-dimensional image sensor chip and big data center ultra-high speed optoelectronic interconnection chip solutions. The chip products developed by the company can be widely used in the fields of automobile assistant / automatic driving, robot positioning and navigation, mobile phone 3D imaging, space environment mapping, security and security, etc., and provide chip level solutions of ranging and 3D imaging for complete machine manufacturers and module manufacturers.

    During this CES, VisionICs booth is located at 62609, LVCC South Hall, which will show the current mass-produced chips and their performance in application scenarios to the world.





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